Jonathan Eley - Vocals
Paul Doughty - Guitars
Mark Byrne - Guitars
Andy Crawford - Bass
Kelsey James - Drums


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Formed in late 2014, The Five Hundred are the latest in technical, melodic metal from the rough streets of Nottingham, UK. Dealing in an array of down-tuned riffs and barbed hooks performed on beastly 8-string guitars, the band unleash an avalanche of crushing technical groove and belligerent aggression, broken up by some searing leads, haunting vocal melodies and devastating, earth-shaking breakdowns.

Formerly known as DAOR, the band have shared stages with groups ranging from metal media favourites Tesseract, Mushroomhead and All Shall Perish, through to brutal grind-fathers Napalm Death and industrial pioneers Fear Factory.

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