Austin Meade is a child of the millennium, yet his guitar style is descendant from the 70’s classic rock age with notes that writhe like exposed nerves. With songs that talk about corrupted love, cocaine, prison, church, and the hard living of the common working man, it’s rather surprising to learn that Meade nearly followed in his father’s footsteps as a church minister. A brief stint as a worship leader at his father’s church in Brenham, Texas put Meade on the path to music. Attending countless rock concerts while growing up with his father cultivated Austin’s ambition to become an original artist.
A former drummer, Meade played in other bands for years while earning his business degree at Texas A&M in College Station. Now the songwriter and guitar slinger has found his calling as frontman of his own band. Austin’s music rolled out with two releases in 2014, his first EP “Long Ways To Go” followed by his first full-length album “Chief Of The Sinners.” His next EP “Heartbreak Coming” came in 2016 with multiple singles to announce his commencement on the Texas Music Chart. Now based in New Braunfels, Texas with a tour schedule stretching outside the Lone Star state, Meade takes listeners through a perfect ride with the second full-length album Waves.
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