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13 July, 2020

White Dog Signs to Rise Above Records; Self-Titled Album Set for Release September 25th

White Dog Signs to Rise Above Records

Self-Titled Album Set For Release
September 25th

New Single “The Lantern” Streaming Now!
Listen HERE

“From the beginning we were beating the streets of Austin. This city is fuckin’ wild. There’s always something going on and the party never ends so that good time rock ‘n’ roll thing definitely rubbed off on us as little pups…”
In a world full of fakes and clowns, nothing quite hits the spot like band that walks it, talks it and rocks it for real. Born amid the musical and cultural whirlwind of Austin, Texas, White Dog already sound like the perfect antidote to plastic sonic bullshit and sanitized radio fodder. In fact, as guitarist Carl Amoss explains, White Dog are the bastard sons of their city’s entire underground scene /and/ the spirit of rock ’n’ roll itself. Alongside drummer brother John, bassist Rex Pape, co-guitarist Clemente De Hoyos and singer Joe Sterling, these old school troublemakers are on a clearly defined mission.
White Dog are set to release their self-titled Rise Above Records debut on September 25th. Today the first single from the album entitled “The Lantern.” Listen to it HERE.
Pre-orders will be available in the coming weeks.

Like all the greatest bands, White Dog were swift to establish a gang mentality, locating
common ground and setting up shop in the middle of it. As you will hear on the band’s
fiery and fearless self-titled debut album, Carl and his comrades have a chemistry that can
only be conjured through true friendship and shared ideals.
With a sound that owes a noble debt to the greats of proto-metal, heavy progressive rock
and turbocharged psychedelia, White Dog explore all kinds of exhilarating territory on
their debut. From the flailing, psych-rock kaleidoscope of opener Sawtooth to the edgy,
Witchcraft-like strut of Lanterns, and on to the lysergic garage rock of Crystal Panther and
wickedly epic closer Verus Cultus, the Texans’ first full-length is a triumph for
unpretentious authenticity and the art of old school songwriting.
True to their shared belief in playing untamed rock ’n’ roll that sounds real and
alive, White Dog was conceived and executed with analogue values firmly at the
forefront. As a result, the album feels almost like a real-time fever dream, with the ultimate
psychedelic house band wailing away as reality disintegrates elsewhere.
The final piece of the White Dog jigsaw came when the band signed up with revered UK
imprint Rise Above Records. Firmly in their natural habitat, Carl and his band mates are
looking forward to a bright future, supported by like-minded people and buoyed by a
strong sense that mind-expanding rock ‘n’ roll is still a formidable force, even in this insane

White Dog Tracklisting:
1. Sawtooth
2. Black Powder
3. The Lantern
4. Snapdragon
5. Crystal Panther
6. Abandon Ship
7. Pale Horse
8. Verus Cultus

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