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23 October, 2020

DEFECTO – New Studio Album ‘Duality’ Is OUT NOW

Defecto’s New Album “Duality” – Out Today!

Danish powerhouse DEFECTO are back with their third studio album, ‘Duality’, which is out now via Black Lodge Records. The new album is a combination of both light and dark, and the culmination of what Defecto stands for. Available now on streaming, CD & vinyl!

Buy + Stream ‘Duality’ Here

DEFECTO – “All For You” (Official Video)
Danish metal act DEFECTO’s dive into the metal scene has been both successful and hectic. Just a year after the release of their debut, they were offered supporting slots for both Metallica and Rammstein. Defecto played numerous sold out shows, both domestic as well as around Europe. In addition, they also played some of Europe’s biggest rock festivals. This gave the band a reputation of being a solid live act. The millions of streams that Defecto has reached in their career so far also show that there is something deeper and more meaningful in their music that the fans love about Defecto.

‘Duality’ TRACKLIST:

1. Rings of Saturn
2. The Uninvited
3. Rise
4. Paradigm of Deceit
5. All For You
6. Untamed
7. Condemned
8. Bed of Nails
9. Washed Away
10. Tempest
11. Don’t Say Goodbye