Necroskull - Guitar/Vocals
Emily Witch - Bass
Wilbrahammer - Drums


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Smouldering away in the dark corners of metal since Black Sabbath birthed it with that immortal tritone, doom has lurked in the shadows for decades, waiting for the earth’s lost souls to find their solace in it. Following in the footsteps of Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Trouble, Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre and countless other greats who have carried the torch for this genre are Hampshire doom disciples Witchsorrow – a triumvirate for whom this music is a calling, an obsession.

Formed by singer/guitarist Necroskull and bassist Emily Witch to embody their love for the form, from their first embers in 2006, Witchsorrow’s puritanical devotion to doom has become their life’s work. Armed with riffs forged in the same Iommian fires as their doom metal forebears, they have fanatically explored the genre for new sparks to stoke the fire – all the time biting their thumb at the world they hate. And with the riffs, misanthropy and pure doom worship of 2010’s self-titled debut, 2012’s Armageddon-invoking God Curse Us, and the heavy metal thunder of 2015’s No Light, Only Fire, Witchsorrow have earned a reputation as one of the UK’s finest underground doom outfits. Think the atmosphere of early Cathedral, Electric Wizard’s heaviness, the heavy metal heart of Candlemass or Solitude Aeternus and you’re in Witchsorrow’s parish.

“I just want to carry on what Sabbath started,” states frontman Necroskull. “I want to keep that old flame alive. I think that’s always been what all the great doom bands have strived to do. It’s a tremendous honour to add our own colour to the great tapestry of doom metal.”

The band’s name quickly spread, and appearances with such doom luminaries (doominaries?) as Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard followed, as well as crushing appearances at Download 2016, Roadburn, Desertfest, Bloodstock, Damnation, and Germany’s Stoned From The Underground festivals, and the time they duked it out with Metallica headlining the Jagermeister Stage at Sonisphere.

Now, a new dawn breaks, and the band are currently sharpening their claws to record the follow-up to No Light, Only Fire at Skyhammer with Chris Fielding (Conan, Primordial, Electric Wizard), set to land early 2018. In a world of President Trump, the Armageddon so referenced in the band’s lyrics seems closer than ever – this will be the soundtrack.

“The perfect essence of doom, done by die-hard metal maniacs…” – 8/10, Metal Hammer

“Witchsorrow are a revelation…” Zero Tolerance (UK)

“One of the best doom offerings of the year” – 9/10, Terrorizer

“It is everything a doom-head could ever want” – 10/10, The Metal Observer

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