With each new metal/trash band that hits the scene comes the challenge of standing out in a segment characterized by cookie-cutter style and classification. Equally problematic is an at times harsh and abrasive vocal style that might be described as an “acquired taste” at best. The significance being that a good percentage of metal/trash bands all end up sounding the same. The rare exception is in which a metal/trash band blends thrash with some sort of other form of music/melody. The latest group to get in on this metal/trash renovation, and perhaps start the wave and convey “old school” roots to a modern spherical freshness, is Tucson, Arizona’s TRIBULANCE.

Hard hitting, no-nonsense metal with a “go big or go home” attitude, TRIBULANCE displays an aptitude equal to any national act on the scene today. Thriving on an energetic live show, dynamic stage presence, complete with stage props, hard hitting music, and an image to boost, TRIBULANCE will stop at nothing to prove they have what it takes to be taken seriously in the Metal/Heavy Metal/Trash world.

Reborn in 2012 from the ashes of 1998, (TRIBULANCE got its start in 1995 with its top 10 debut full-length album “Trial and Tribulations,” and disband in 1998 after industry shortfalls) original founding members Michael Vidal, Sal Flores, and Gino Silva recruited drummer Brandon Lee, picked up the pieces where they left off a few shorts years earlier and have hit the ground running. Little doubt is left by TRIBULANCE as to its metal/thrash roots in that its interspersed throughout their highly anticipated 2017 release “The Aftermath of Lies.”

In a world of one hit wonders; credit TRIBULANCE for a strong production on an independent release. “The Aftermath of Lies” stands out as one of those rare albums to merge the all-out aggressive with pleasing melody. Their “old school” trash moments are balanced by the groups engaging songwriting and varied vocals of Michael Vidal, who complements the heavy nature of TRIBULANCE’s music without coming across overbearing.

Often compared to, or similar as Judas Priest, Disturbed, Megadeth, Sacrament, Sevendust, and a few other heavy hitters, look no further than the opening song “Oblivious” on their upcoming release “The Aftermath of Lies” for any sort of conclusion. If interested in a joining of the aggressive and the melodic, what we have here is an unambiguous as it gets tease! Upholding an attacking presence directly out of the gate as chugging heavy thrash riffs, gutsy bass, thunderous blast beats accompanied by solid bass drum patterns, shouting backing vocals, and a powerful vocalist who at times crosses melodic and other driving vocal styles upon the traditional metal aesthetic that any fan of Halford would be proud of, TRIBULANCE is one band to keep an eye on.

TRIBULANCE is one of those rare bands that merge all out aggression with pleasing melodies, all while upholding their metal/trash roots.

“We believe in staying true to who we are and where we came from!” says drummer Brandon Lee. “I think what makes us who we are is we all come from different music backgrounds. While we’re all rooted in metal of some sort, it’s our individual tastes that lends its way into what we produce as TRIBULANCE.”

While playing shows around the Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona area is critical in maintaining and building a fan base, TRIBULANCE has set their sights slightly higher and are gunning for the world. Working on national press, and worldwide distribution, TRIBULANCE is gearing up for big things with the highly anticipated sophomore release “The Aftermath of Lies” due out in May 2017. Stay Tuned…

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