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THE UNGUIDED are back with a heavy melodic 2-track EP entitled “Royalgatory”.
After the critically acclaimed last two albums “Lust And Loathing” (2016) and “… And The Battle Royale” (2017), the new release joins as kick-ass addition to their discography! It’s indeed not surprising that THE UNGUIDED has a penchant for EP‘s: “Royalgatory” is the 5th EP in addition to the previous 4 studio albums.
Sweden’s Melodic Death Metal flagship serve up another dish of sophisticated songwriting, mature clean vocals paired with rough shouts in an opulent production. And that’s exactly how we know and love them! But beware, these two brand new tracks “Seth” and “Gaia” won’t be enough, it’ll leave you baying for more.
“The new EP ‘Royalgatory’ will hit you in the face like a high-voltage jackhammer and the beautiful thing is that this is merely a small taste of the new album cycle. The ambition in the band is currently propelling through the roof and these tracks will certainly keep you satisfied for some time but we can assure that you are not anywhere ready for what comes after.” –Richard Sjunnesson
”We’re very excited to release our new material and get you all dancing again! It’s been a while since we released new music, so it feels super to be back with new fresh material. We also have another full album in the making, and we’re thrilled to continue the song writing with all the response we get from you out of these two new tracks!!” -Roger Sjunnesson
”With these 2 new songs we are starting a new chapter in the book of The Unguided. We’ve worked very hard on developing our sound while staying true to our identity. The result is harder, faster and a more aggressive Unguided. We hope you like the new stuff as much as we do. See you this summer!” -Jonathan Thorpenberg
”The song writing for the next The Unguided album has started, and with these two songs we stay true to the old but we are also exploring the new.”
-Henric Liljesand
”It is always scary to release new songs but at the same time very exciting and fun! These two songs are new and fresh sounding material for The Unguided’s portfolio. I hope you like them as much as we do!”
-Richard Schill
Watch the brand new music video for the track “Seth” HERE: