Steve Moss - Guitar / Vocals
Brandon Burghart - Drums
Mike Boyne - Bass


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THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN keeps rollin’ along, spewing exhaust along sandy desert roads, and filling lungs with dust: now with their fourth opus ‘Cypress Ave.’ this impulsive trifecta torch dark’n’dirty Southern Rock with a hefty portion of Sludge and Funk. Seared by the Sunflower State of Kansas, their organic and authentic sound lives in the musics throaty vocals, deep lyrics, melancholic melodies and forceful, shaky riffs. Roaring amps plow through eardrums as if they were earth, dry as a bone. Highlight: the fruity-fresh “The Boogie Down” [feat. Sonny Cheeba]. Honest, straight-forward and peppered with woefulness. An absolute must for blues-fans!

TOUR DATES Bandsintown