Jonathan Eley - Vocals
Paul Doughty - Guitars
Mark Byrne - Guitars
Andy Crawford - Bass
Kelsey James - Drums


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UK metal outfit THE FIVE HUNDRED have released a brand new single from their upcoming studio album. Fans can check out the music video for the track “Black Dogs”via the link found here. A song aimed at the topic of mental health, as well as its effect on a societal level, lead vocalist John Woods-Eley shared his thoughts on “Black Dogs”, saying
“When you’re suffering from mental health issues, you feel completely alone in your head, standing on the edge, descending into darkness. No one can jump inside of you and help you fight your demons. You’re just on your own. We live on a beautiful planet, but an ugly world. We’re surrounded by breath-taking beauty, but all we want to do is set it on fire…that depresses, terrifies and angers me in equal measures. Look around us at what we have created. Plagues, floods and fires. You can’t make this shit up. It’s fucking biblical!”
British metalcore 5-piece The Five Hundred have announced their new album ‘A World On Fire’ for July 30th, 2021 via Long Branch Records.
Aggressive yet euphoric, empowering yet simultaneously enslaving, The Five Hundred are renowned for overcoming adversities and laying siege to every stage they play. Their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Bleed Red’ told the story of a band struggling with Tourette’s, OCD, and drug addiction. It’s now the band’s time to share with the world how they’ve battled through their vices and come out on top. After successful tours up and down the country, Eastern Europe / Russia, and an appearance at the iconic Download festival in 2019, the quintet are back and angrier than ever with their follow-up album.
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