Dima Kozhuhar - Vocals
Alex Zatserkovny - Guitar/vocals
Anton Kasatkin - Bass
Tima Kasatkin - Drums


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As the eyes and ears of the metal world turn in direction of Eastern Europe, it is now time for SPACE OF VARIATIONS, hailing from Ukraine, to shine even brighter on the modern metal scene under the banner of Napalm Records!
Working their way through the competitive underground scene, the group gradually accumulated a larger following, curious about each new step the musical odyssey will take. In this manner, SPACE OF VARIATIONS is not only the name of a band that has made an undeniable impression on both critics and fans over the last few years, but also a statement of the entire genre. Breaking out of their homeland by sheer will and perseverance, as well as by the undeniable expression of their music, SPACE OF VARIATIONS have shown that their unique and powerful songwriting skills can indeed open the door to international recognition.
The same remarkable qualities distinguish the music of the Ukrainian band. Insightfully depicting complex states of emotions and personal experiences, SPACE OF VARIATIONS create their own soundscapes of musical expression, convincing the listeners of the group’s authenticity and motivation to actively influence the local and international scene.
After all, this DIY and never-give-up-ever attitude led SPACE OF VARIATIONS to share stages with the likes of ARCHITECTS, ESKIMO CALLBOY, ADEPT and more, and to finally self-release multiple singles and the LP Mind Darknet – which included the breakthrough “Tibet” – garnering 400k YouTube views and international interest from fans and members of the industry alike. At the same time, this undeniable success illustrates the role of the group as one of future leaders of this generation of modern metal, manifesting the unstoppable progressive force of the Ukrainian metal scene.
As Napalm Records always strives to actively support promising groups from around the world connected by the mutual passion for amazing music and personal development of artists, we are proud and excited to continue our journey together in the open SPACE OF VARIATIONS, ready to write the new chapter in their already impressive history.
The band adds:
“The last few months have literally been the best times for us! We are very excited that we hooked up with Napalm Records and feel like we’ve found the right partner to take SPACE OF VARIATIONS to the next level.”