Els Prins - Vocals
Simone van Straten - Guitars
Emmelie Herwegh -Guitars
Puck Wildschut - Bass
Kevin van den Heiligenberg - Drums


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S.O.S is an Eindhoven based Death Metal band determined to spread their love for extreme music and cover the world in pink!

In 2014, vocalist Els Prins and guitarist Simone van Straten decided to start playing Death Metal with a twist – that is, with other girls who shared their love of extreme music. Behold the birth of Sisters of Suffocation! They released their first single ‘Boundaries’ in 2014. Off to a fast start, they played at Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014, and continued thrashing stages in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2015, with Puck Wildschut now on bass.

2016 saw more stage action, with S.O.S. playing festivals such as Stonehenge Festival, Antwerp Metal Fest and Dynamo Metal Fest, sharing the stage with Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Entombed A.D. and Dying Fetus amongst others. They also supported Legion of the Damned during their Dutch anniversary tour, together with Cliteater. In 2017 S.O.S. played Chronical Moshers and Dong Open Air in Germany, and Gäfle Metal Fest in Sweden. But the Netherlands and Belgium were not forgotten with appearances at AMF, Lowlands and Zwarte Cross. S.O.S. also opened for The Charm The Fury during their Dutch 2017/2018 club tour. In 2018 S.O.S. is going even more international, playing Metaldays Slovenia and Heavy Scotland.

S.O.S. Released their first EP ‘Brutal Queen’ in April 2016, showcasing their love for not only Death Metal, but also Black, Thrash and Progressive Metal, with an Old School edge. They released a video for the title track ‘Brutal Queen’ and a lyric video for the song ‘Fuck It’, which were both well received and earned them a lot of exposure on local and international platforms such as Blabbermouth. The EP was re-released in September 2016, followed by an LP-release of the ‘Brutal Queen’ record in December. In that month, S.O.S. also released another video, this time of the new and previously unreleased song ‘Phobophobia’.

After their 3-nights-in-a-row appearance at Helga’s House of Pain at Lowlands 2017, S.O.S. teamed up with Suburban Records for the release of their first full length album ‘Anthology of Curiosities – A Tribute to Bidi’. It was recorded live in April 2017, with producer Martin Furia overseeing every S.O.S’s move. The album showcases S.O.S.’s musical growth and diversity, with strong songwriting and unexpected twists and turns. This brought them noteworthy exposure in the Dutch media landscape in general (newspapers and magazines, nation-wide tv, and national radio) and in the Metal community in particular (i.e. Aardschok, Rocktribune). Three videos for this album have been released, for the songs ‘I am Danger’ (featuring live footage from the Lowlands performances), ‘Shapeshifter’ and ‘I swear’ (in memory of Bidi van Drongelen).

S.O.S. have been working their asses off in the gym to make sure that every song during every show is brought to you with full force! They are still trying to not rewrite all their lyrics so they can tell you all about unicorns, rainbows and glitter beards. No promises though…

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