Alexandre Castellan - Vocal / Guitar
Elvis Damigo - Guitar
Ricardo Amorim - Bass
Braulio Drumond - Drums


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Unleashing a furious and blistering sound bred from the union of varied creative metal borne winds, Brazilian metallers Siriun have persistently drawn eager ears since emerging in 2014 and are poised to do so again with the release of their debut album.

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Siriun was formed by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Alexandre Castellan. His vision saw a tapestry of modern, brutal metal woven with progressive, grooved spun adventure around thought provoking lyrical explorations. To bring his ideas and imagination to life, Alexandre linked up a long-time friend in bassist Hugo Machado and world renowned drummer Kevin Talley, famed for his explosive prowess through the likes of Six Feet Under, Daath, Feared, Suffocation, DevilDriver, and BattleCross. The result of aligning their striking individual talents has led to a first album which in perfect balance devours the senses and ignites the imagination as raw and tempestuous intensity entangles with technical and melodically grooved imagination.

‘In Chaos We Trust’is a furnace of sonic and emotional fire as ravenous as it is seductive, each track drawing the listener into unique explorations of sound and provocation. It sees acoustic and predatory sides often entangling, exotically melodic and savagely invasive textures frequently aligning as the compelling lyrical and vocal confrontations of Alexandre roar.

It presents a hellacious echo of a live presence which has seen acclaim and an increasing tide of fans sweep towards Siriun, shows with the likes of Krisiun and The Black Dahlia Murder reinforcing the band’s growing reputation now set to be pushed on again by the release of ‘In Chaos We Trust’.

Produced and mixed by Alexandre with mastering undertaken by Alan Douches (The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation), the global introduction to Siriun simply demands attention. Wrapped in the glorious artwork of Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin, who also made the remarkable animated video for album track ‘Transmutation’, the imaginatively and physically voracious ‘In Chaos We Trust’ goes for the jugular as it enslaves the imagination from its fiercely growling and creatively transfixing opener ‘Mass Control’ right through to the intensively climactic close of final track ‘Becoming Aware’.

‘In Chaos We Trust’ is the next step in Siriun’s hungry and rabidly inventive assault on the biggest metal spotlight which, with the new line-up of guitarist Elvis Damigo, bassist Ricardo Amorim, and drummer Braulio Drumond alongside Alexandre and another surge of live shows ahead, will not allow to go unnoticed.

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