Rock N’ Rolf– guitar, vocals
Peter Jordan– guitars
Ole Hempelmann - bass
Michael Wolpers– drums


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Despite these lyrical ambitions, BLOOD ON BLOOD also features two “party rock numbers”, as Rolf likes to refer to them: ‘Wild & Free’ and ‘Wild, Wild Nights’, which are meant to be pure fun, fulfilling their mission to a tee. And last but not least, there’s ‘The Shellback’, a track in typical Running Wild style that starts with a Celtic-inspired intro, Running Wild revisiting the atmospheric seafaring theme of their 1994 classic BLACK HAND IN, a prequel of that maritime story. Equally characteristic of the band, which, in addition to Rolf, guitarist Peter Jordan and bassist Ole Hempelmann, has since 2019 included drummer Michael Wolpers, who contributed all the drum parts on the new disc, are the lead single ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ (including lyric video) and the title track, incidentally the first number Rolf wrote for the new album.

Returning to the prophecy theme, you don’t have to be a prophet to be able to anticipate the gleam in the eyes of all Running Wild fans. There can be no doubt about it: BLOOD ON BLOOD presents Running Wild at their best!

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