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Victor Montanaro


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Guitarist Ray Suhy of the bands Six Feet Under( Metal Blade Records), Cannabis Corpse (Season Of Mist) and ex-East Of The Wall is set to release “Fulmination”, his first release since 2015’s critically well received fusion record “Tessellations”. Suhy returns this time with an explosive, instrumental metal E.P.

“Fulmination has been a long time in the making. Creating an instrumental guitar record that was riff heavy and had interesting melodies and solo sections has been in the back of my mind for about 7 years now.

The drums, which were performed by 19yr old Victor Montanaro, had been sitting on my hard drive for about two years. Victor was perfect for this project. He was easily able to navigate all the shifting time signatures and adapt my programmed drums into his own parts. During some down time after recording the new Cannabis Corpse record and between Six Feet Under tours I decided to finish this thing up.

“Cerulean”, the first song written for this project, started off as a compositional exercise where I limited myself to only 4 notes (A,B,C and E) and tuned my guitar to AADGBE. This song was originally set to be an East Of The Wall song but that never panned out. Cerulean set the direction for the E.P. with its shifting textures and dynamics.

“Fulmination” was written very quickly after getting a new 6 string from Viger Guitars and is sort of my take on the open string riffage that Mastodon rules at. I wanted all these songs to have heavy riffs that were impactful and memorable and yet still had some dynamics

With “Subjugation” I wanted to create something that was both oppressively heavy and that had a lot of frantic energy. Victors drumming on this is pretty incredible!

“Cess Pool” closes it out with an acoustic intro and some thrash/death metal riffing contrasted with a half time section that was heavily influenced by Behemoth. I wanted this song to be very chaotic sounding and relentless. Victor’s drumming on this is particularly impressive! The title is a play on words and fits in with the overall theme of the album.

The meaning of fulmination is “an expression of vehement protest” or “a violent explosion”. I felt it was the perfect title for the song and the E.P. overall. I use music to express the many things I feel each day and sometimes that expression is an angry and violent one when I’m trying to process all of the insane things that are happening in the world today. As artists, we can either let what’s happening around us be very upsetting and stifling to our creativity or we can flip that around and use that energy in a cathartic and positive way. “Fulmination” was a great for me in that way”