Dimi Pontiac - Bass & Vocals
Miko - Drums
Mikael - Guitar
Ville - Guitar


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Just voted among the most interesting new generation metal bands in Finland, Helsinki’s RANGER will melt your face.  ‘Nuff said.

Overloading all senses with a relentless onslaught of turbo-charged old school heavy/speed metal in the vein of old Slayer, Running Wild, and Tyrant (US), RANGER‘S torrid riffs, twin-guitar assault, intense rapid-fire drumming, pummeling bass onslaught and banshee-like old school vocal delivery thrashes you to oblivion and has your dad spending the rest of the day scourging the attic for his patched-up denim vest and holey basketball sneakers. And your mom – she’ll probably be filing the divorce papers.

We’re talking heavy metal here, the sort that transcends generations: organic, authentic, old-school and blatantly put: crazy as a fucking shithouse rat. Contagious. Unstoppable.

A true product of the Finnish underground, RANGER is a four-piece unit founded in 2008. Skyrocketing in success and popularity ever since the release of their label debut “Knights Of Darkness” 12” EP (Ektro) in 2013, within the two years after, they have already laid waste to the stages of basically every Finnish major festival. Their rabidly energetic shows have wreaked havoc in a manner unprecedented in Finland, whipping punk and metal audiences alike into riotous thrashing frenzy, leaving behind mangled armies of euphoric fans drenched in sweat, parched with thirst and smiling like morons.

Now setting their sights on strutting their stuff outside homeland’s borders, old school bangers everywhere better watch out at shows. Wear a helmet or enter at your own risk.

After a couple of demos and EP releases (and a compilation comprised of the aforementioned), “Where Evil Dwells” is RANGER‘S debut full-length album, proving that their frenzied output is every bit as effective in larger portions as well as it is on EP’s.

“Where Evil Dwells” is an analogue recording, featuring the sound of melting Marshall amps. True to the old school form, it will also be available in LP and Cassette formats.

Whiplash warning – Hard hat area – 666% METAL.

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