After four self-released singles the classic industrial metal-pioneers Misery Loves Cohave teamed up with Black Lodge Records. Later this year will see the release of a new album – the band’s first full length since the critically acclaimed “Your Vision was Never Mine To Share”, unveiled 19 (!) years ago.
“It’s an true honor to start to work with Misery Loves Co; a band that had great influence and shaped the industrial metal scene for so many years”, says Johan Haller (Black Lodge).
More information to follow shortly.
Misery Loves Co was one of the most talked about metal bands during the 90’s and received both a Swedish Grammy and critical acclaim. Critics and audiences outside of Scandinavia was just as enthusiastic. For example, Kerrang! named their debut one of the 100 greatest metal albums of all times. Misery Loves Co were constantly on the road, doing shows with acts like Slayer, Deftones and Machine Head. The group re-united in 2016 and have since then released four singles and done extremely intensive shows at both clubs and festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, 70 000 Tons of Metal, Bloodstock and Brutal Assault. The band’s singer Patrik Wirén has also had a successful career as a journalist, writing for numerous magazines and newspaper as well as written a book about Refused.
Listen to Misery Loves Co HERE.