High Tone Son of a Bitch (HTSOB) was originally formed by brothers Paul and Andrew Kott from the ashes of Oakland prog/doom sludge masters Cruevo. The band preceded Paul’s work in the Matt Pike-fronted Bay Area metal band Kalas, which the press dubbed an underground “supergroup”.
March 20th will see the release of “Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB” via Tee Pee Records. The Obelisk hosted an exclusive premiere of the first new song from the collection entitled “Wicked Threads.” Check it out HERE.
This retrospective includes the newly recorded and previously unreleased EP ‘Wicked Threads’ along with remastered versions of all 3 previously released EPs – 4 EPs on 2 discs with a total playtime of nearly 90 minutes  The work as a whole simultaneously speaks to the fragility and resilience of the human experience – as it spans the years covering the formation of HTSOB, it’s musical growth, the death of Andrew Kott (one of 2 co-founding brothers), and the path to a rebirth and new life in music and beyond.
Pre-order “Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB”and stream the single at: https://orcd.co/htsob
In many ways HTSOB was a “supergroup” unto itself. Since its founding, HTSOB has pulled together members and collaborators from many renowned bands aside from the aforementioned Kalas, like Noothgrush, Hammers of Misfortune, Men of Porn, Melvins, Hawkwind, Neurosis, High on Fire, Sleep, Necrot, The Skull, Worshipper, and more. When Andrew Kott died unexpectedly in a tragic fall in 2007, HTSOB disbanded – seemingly forever. Paul Kott revived the band – at the urging of his Latin Grammy-winning nephew Juan Herrera (Andrew’s step-son) – in 2019. Through lineup changes and regular collaborations that have included some of the most important underground musicians of the modern era, Paul has allowed his brother’s inspiration to live on, carrying the psychedelic hard rock, “post-doom” vision of HTSOB forward – all the while remaining uncompromisingly true to the musical roots the brothers established years ago.