Mika Tauriainen - vocals
Tom Mikkola - guitar
Jaani - guitar
Joni Miettinen - bass
Aksu Hanttu - drums


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Started in 1997, Lahti, Finland’s ENTWINE spent years in the forefront of Finnish gothic metal and rock movement until retreating on self-imposed hiatus in 2012. In January 2014 the band announced they had begun recording their 7th album. In late June 2015 the band let it be known that they’d completed the album. Good things take time, you know.

Six long years after the previous album the wait is over and boy, has it been worth it! Gone are the rest of the goth rock trappings and Entwine return to form better than ever! To be released on October 2nd, 2015, “Chaotic Nation” presents a rejuvenated, supercharged contemporary melodic metal group with ten impeccably written scorching hot rock anthems for you to bang your head to.

Entwine drummer Aksu Hanttu spent much of the pause expanding his CV and honing his skills as one of the top metal producers in Finland, in preparation for the kaleidoscope of sound and tour de force of dynamics that became “Chaotic Nation”.  Hanttu’s sturdy drum beats and producer’s hand-print shine all over the band’s new outing, but none of it would’ve come to fruition without a bunch of killer songs. It is guitarist Tom Mikkola’s renewed vision and fresh angles to song-writing that laid the brickwork for what resulted to Entwine’s strongest outing to date. The icing on the cake is Mika Tauriainen’s uniquely emotive voice and thoughtful lyrics, crowning a solidly played, melody-oriented work chock-full of dexterous compositions and catchy hooks.

Versatility is key on “Chaotic Nation”; the songs span a rainbow of atmospheres, from the laid-back, almost jazzy grooviness of “The Evil Lives In The Shadows” to the wonderfully cheesy 1980’s keyboards in “Fortune Falls”, contemporary electro influences in “Revolt For Redemption” and the one-two punch of gloriously life-affirming, uplifting anthem “As We Arise” and the super catchy single cut “Plastic World”. It’s all right here and it’s still the good old Entwine we’ve all grown to love and appreciate; contagious pop hooks and all, just way improved!

The release of “Chaotic Nation” was preceded by the “Plastic World” single release (out in all digital platforms August 14th), accompanied by a September 18th video directed by Finnish shooting star Ville Juurikkala (Nightwish, Reckless Love, Santa Cruz etc.).

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