A: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, programming, vocals
V: vocals
G: vocals
S: drums
Guest vocals on "Je Pense Donc Je Fuis" by Kyrieh Alienor.


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Decline Of The I is a French post-black metal band. Its third studio album “Escape” is the last part of a concept trilogy inspired by the works of the French surgeon and philosopher Henri Laborit, whose works included brain studies. The lyrics and their hidden message play an important factor in the band’s music, which can be described as black metal with an adventurous edge and a wide range of musical influences, varying from electronic and industrial to orchestral elements. The band is led by a multi-instrumentalist, A – a skilled musician, who’s been a part of the metal scene for over 20 years, during which he played in bands such as VorkreistMerrimackNeo Inferno 262Malhkebre and DiapsiquirDecline Of The I is his personal approach on dark music and his spectrum of roles in the band ranges from vocalist, to guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and programmer. A is accompanied by musicians of MerrimackAnus MundiTemple of BaalEibon and Drowning fame.

“Escape” will feature six varied, original compositions, replete with artwork from David Fitt. The latter also shot a video for the dit version of the track “Je Pense Donc Je Fuis” (which is originally over 12 minutes long) and shot the band’s new photos..

The band commented: “After a heavy and neurasthenic first chapter, and an epileptic, dirty and violent second one, here’s the last part of the Decline of the I’s trilogy: Escape. It’s now time to leave, to avoid this perpetual aggression of the outside world. All the other reactions leaded to a dead end. Running away is the only possible move for the subject to preserve its entity. There are many forms of escape: madness, suicide, technology, spirituality. This third album explores all of them. Musically, it’s the synthesis of all the previews works; it’s contemplative and slow but also very fast, dark and brutal”.


“Escape” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Blacksun Recording by Junior Rodriguez. The album will be available in CDLP(including a limited, double swamp green/black vinyl), digital formats and t-shirt with an exclusive design.
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