Circuitry’s rhythmic acuity and energetic live show gained them an allegiance of devotees encompassing a broad spectrum of tastes since their inception in late 2013. The band appeals to lovers of punk, hardcore, metal, and progressive music alike and has quickly earned a reputation for serious chops, flowing creativity and upbeat professionalism.
The eponymous debut album represents an overflow of impassioned artistry and a glimpse into what the future beholds as the band continuously refines its sound. Superfluous hooks, earth shattering rhythms, and guitar tessellations from another dimension abound throughout the release. This body of work was met with critical acclaim on ItDjents among other media sites, catapulting the band to Artist of the Month. “Unplug,” “Rarefactions,” and “The One Who Knocks” play-through videos have all made their way to Geargods, shedding some light onto the instrumental acumen of Circuitry, and turning many a head in the process.
Circuitry’s improbable cover of the Toto classic, “Africa” racked up thousands of views on YouTube and inspired a Metal Sucks article highlighting their rendition. The exposure opened the band to yet another demographic, and catalyzed their rapidly growing presence within the metal community. Ascension within this community is no easy feat as bastions of jaded metal purists and naysayers threaten to choke out every new ember that sparks. Rather than succumbing to being smothered, Circuitry has forged ahead with their fierce steadfastness to originality, musical prowess and melody. The band adamantly rejects compromise and instead sets a conflagration of sonic genesis. They exhibit unbridled devotion to their craft which affords them a unique advantage to stay ahead of the curve. The three share the same DIY ideology and have put countless hours into honing every aspect of what makes Circuitry special.
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