Bay Area deathcore band ARDRA have an extraordinary way of cutting through all the noise. Getting their name from an episode of Star Trek, Ardra formed in 2014 from seemingly opposite ends of the music spectrum. At one end, the head-banging riffs and massive moments of bands like Pestilence and Behemoth. At the other, the melodic edge and tight transitions of Misery Signals. The result is a sound that’ll keep you guessing, but also remind you of that one breakdown you remember when music was just better.Among the things they pride themselves on is translating their recorded material perfectly onstage. If you’re at an Ardra show, you’re going to hear all your favorite parts, you’re going to see a band that’s carving their own niche, and you’re probably going to see the bassist take his shirt off. Ardra’s debut full-length album, UNTO LEVIATHAN, is both the realization of a shared vision as well as an introduction to what’s on the horizon.
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