Mariangela Demurtas: vocals
Kris Laurent: guitars, bass and synth


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ARDOURS is a band formed in 2015, made up of the two main composers and producers of the project, in addition to an external lyric writer and recording musician.

Mariangela Demurtas (vocals and vocal melodies) and Kris Laurent (guitars, bass, keyboards) have known each other since their early years, and both have been active parts of the Sardinian (Italian) metal music scene. In 2006, however, Mariangela decided to move abroad and join a band from Norway (Tristania).
They have always stayed in touch and always believed in each other’s skills, and in late 2015 they decided to join forces. Hard work and dedication have been the key for their upcoming debut album Last Place on Earth.

Since Mariangela wanted something different from the solo project she is currently working on, she decided to ask to Tristania’s drummer/lyricist Tarald Lie to write the lyrics and record the drums for the album. The mix of the three elements has resulted in a fresh and a promising sound, on the borderline between Rock, Metal, and Goth. A significant gothic atmosphere has been created in the mesh of the lyrics and the catchy melodies.

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