Jonas Jakob - Vocals, E-Guitar
Hans Koch - E-Guitar, Vocals
Emma McLellan - Drums


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Between socio-critical and political lyrics, German post-hardcore combo 8KIDS have been pushing the envelope since early 2013. To shorten the time until their next live performance and reuniting with fans, the trio now announces their upcoming live EP, Live in Leipzig 2019, to be released digitally on August 14, 2020 via Napalm Records.
Their first live EP showcases the band’s strong message more intensely than ever, amid an atmosphere of impassioned chanting and the sonically-palpable sweat and energy in the venue it was recorded last year. Tracks like “Kann mich jemand hören” (engl. “Can anybody hear me“), “Wir bleiben Kids” (feat. SWISS) (engl. “we remain kids”) and”Zeit“(engl. “time”) lead through their manifold and expressive previous work and catches more than just an explosive splitter of their live performances. Rousing live reminiscences invite the listener to look into the past and the future at the same time – holding a dark mirror in their hands. 8KIDS have never made it easy for themselves and they never will – and that’s a pretty good thing: “Dämonen zurück in eure Löcher” (engl. “Demons go back to your holes”).