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Freeman Promotions is the brainchild of Jon Freeman, whose humble career beginnings are rooted in college radio. Freeman has worked his way up the music industry ranks, thanks to a cocktail of ambition, drive and good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

Some key artists whose careers he has been intrinsically involved in include Type O Negative, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, GWAR, Mark Morton, and Municipal Waste. If you’ve heard about these acts in some form or another, chances are, it’s because Jon Freeman was involved in spreading the word and creating their media profiles.

Freeman earned his stripes at WASU in Boone, North Carolina, where he was employed from 2002 through 2006. He quickly ascended the ranks from DJ to Promotions to Director to Station Manager. This steady rise would come to serve as the template for his post-collegiate career. Upon graduation, he remained local but was immediately snatched up by Aisling Broadcasting, working in commercial radio at WZJS. During his tenure, he wore many hats, serving as Traffic Director, Promotions Director, Program Director, Morning Show Host and Metal Show Host. He juggled all these responsibilities with dedication, determination and passion, and made it look like the easier thing in the world.

He left the confines of North Carolina and headed to the New York metropolitan area in 2008, taking a job as the PR and radio rep for SPV USA, the domestic arm of the well-respected German metal label, and found himself once again managing multiple tasks in a hectic environment. He manned his press and promotions posts until the company folded in May 2009.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Freeman went back to work right away, as he was instantly offered a position as a junior publicist at boutique firm Adrenaline PR, but his true calling and desire was to launch his own firm. He left Adrenaline in order to form Freeman Promotions, a dynamic, full-service music public relations agency catering, but not limited, to rock artists. Freeman Promotions tailors its campaigns for its clients and covers national, regional, print, TV and online press, maintaining relationships with taste makers and media contacts across the country.

Having worked both sides of the promotional fence as the person being pitched to the person doing the pitching- Jon Freeman is able to fully understand what the media wants and needs and apply that knowledge to each individual scenario. Freeman Promotions’ philosophy is to leave no stone unturned, to get into the pocket and work the corners for every band on its roster, turning skeptics into believers.

Freeman himself works the phones, stays in constant contact with editors, writers and media outlets on email, IM and social networking platforms. Freeman Promotions’ addresses each client’s needs on a specialized scale, customizing campaigns to suit the band’s needs, whether said bands are on tour seeking daily and weekly paper coverage, a national late night TV booking or buzz in the blogosphere. You name it, Freeman Promotions can do it and do it better than most.

Unlike other PR firms, Freeman Promotions’ service is personal, personalized and hands on. From start to finish.